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School Health Overview

1 day ago

“Tennessee Coordinated School Health encourages healthy lifestyles, provides needed support to at-risk students, and helps to reduce the prevalence of health problems that impair academic success,” (Tennessee Department of Education). Check out our state website: ______________________________________________________________________________

Tennessee Coordinated School Health is a statewide initiative. In the 2007- 2008 school year Tennessee Coordinated School Health was implemented into most every school system within the state. The purpose of the Coordinator is to connect health with education. The community, families, and schools need to work together to be supportive of our student’s health. This can greatly affect a child’s capacity to learn. Healthy children learn better. Coordinated School Health is composed of eight different components: 1. Comprehensive School Health Education (grades k-12) 2. Physical Education and Activity 3. Nutrition Services 4. School Health Services 5. School Counseling, Psychological and Social Services 6. Healthy and Safe School Environment 7. Student, Family, and Community Involvement in Schools 8. Health Promotion for School Staff Each component is very detailed and has individual goals. It will take time to accomplish each one of our goals. CSH will be working side by side with the school nurses, physical education teachers, school counselors, school staff, principals, students, and the community. After several successful years of CSH we hope to see our students making wiser, smarter decisions, a decrease in absenteeism, and an increase of overall knowledge about their health.

Start each day with a healthy start!
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1 day ago

Brenda Scott

Coordinated School Health


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