Senior Ads

Dear Parents/Guardians of Seniors:

Congratulations to you and your student! You have a great opportunity to salute your graduating Senior in this year’s annual. You can purchase an ad to represent your graduating senior as noted below:

Ad Prices: 

Full Page: $200.00 

        ½ Page: $150.00 

        ¼ Page: $75.00 (minimum 1-2 pictures)

        ⅛ Page: $50.00 (minimum 1 picture)

You can pick up a contract outside of room 20 in the Old Building. Please return the contract with payment and detailed instructions as to what you want in your ad. The more information you provide, the better we can serve you! We have access to James Photography’s photos you may use for free, or you may send your own photo from any photographer for this ad. If no photo(s) and/or message(s) are received by the deadline, the student’s cap and gown photo will be used with “Congratulations, {Student’s Name!}.” Make checks payable to LHS Yearbook. 


Baby Pictures 

 If you would like your baby picture featured in the 2024 yearbook, you need to turn those in outside of room 20 in the Old Building. There is an envelope marked “baby pictures”. Be sure your first and last name is written on the back of your picture. You can also email a digital copy to Mrs. Cary Bivens at