"Alyssa is respectful and always tries her best to follow expectations. She is kind and shows compassion towards her classmates. She works hard and will do anything you ask her to do with a smile." -Mrs. Stephanie Wilson

- Alyssa Vilalobos


"Ridlee is always a laser focused student and is a leader in the classroom. He is a great friend to others and is always ready to lend a helping hand. Ridlee enters the classroom everyday with a smiling face and ready to learn!" -Mrs. Laurel Fitzgerald

- Ridlee Fisher


"Parker is so sweet and willing to help. She comes in with a smile and ready to learn everyday! She always works hard and is laser-focused. She is also very good at being compassionate and taking care of her brother and other classmates." -Mrs. Alisha Fisher

- Parker Johnson


"Beau is a shining example of all six of our virtues ! He is always honest and respectful to everyone. He is laser focused on his education. He is a compassionate friend and uses his creativity to be an excellent problem solver." -Mrs. Mallory Hart

- Beau McCollum


"Layla is prepared for class. She follows directions quickly. Participates well in class and works hard." -Mrs. Brenda Woods

- Layla Havener


"Adeline is very respectful. She always uses her manners and looks out for her classmates. She is an avid reader who has already earned 22.4 AR points." -Mrs. Kaleigh Kizer

- Adeline Cook


"Walker is very concerned about his education. He wants to make sure everything he does is right. His work is always complete and neatly written." -Mrs. Valerie Hennings

- Walker Robertson


"Addaleigh loves to learn. She is kind, respectful, and helpful to her peers." -Mrs. Jessica Phillips

- Addaleigh Burkman


"Noah is always ready to learn. He pays attention in class and participates in class discussion. Noah always thinks outside the box." -Mrs. Amanda Lemmings

- Noah Davila


"Dylan is an excellent student that is laser focused each day. He works hard to complete his work and is a very brilliant child. He always shows respect to his teachers and classmates." -Mrs. Hailey Johnson

- Dylan Durst


"Zaige is very respectful to adults and his peers. If he messes up, he will say I messed up. He helps me with the other students to get my point across. Always thinking of others." -Mrs. Karissa White

- Zaige Roberson


"Roy always shows respect in conversations.He responds with yes or no ma'am. He is honest in his responses when asked a specific question. Roy remains laser focused to give 100% in his ability to solve problems." -Mrs. Lydia Oswalt

- Roy Schuerenberg


"Adelynn is an excellent, well-rounded student. She is always ready to take on any role. From leading her small group in class to making sure she is prepared for her next class. Adelynn is a laser focused student in every aspect." -Mrs. Mallorie Taylor

- Adelynn Pinner


"Richard is always respectful to all of his teachers and adults in the building. He answers questions and responds with yes sir/no sir. He is also laser-focused on his work and gets things done!" -Coach Joey

- Richard Wilson


"Brylee represents our virtues well. She is very respectful each and every day. Brylee is always laser-focused, and always completes her work. She is an easy choice for my September student of the month." -Mr. Myracle

- Brylee Barham


"Devin is always on task, ready to learn and super kind. He was one of the first to complete all his work on IXLs weeks before anyone else. I love having him in class." -Mrs. Stanford

- Devin Gardner