"Alana is always respectful and honest. She is so kind to everyone and works hard." -Mrs. Stephanie Wilson

- Alana Vilalobos


" Everly is a great helper. She is always looking for ways to lend a hand. She is respectful to everyone around her. She is a wonderful friend to all!" -Mrs. Laurel Fitzgerald

- Everly Holobaugh


"Gauge is such a sweet kid with such a tender heart. He is always respectful and honest, and he always tries his best. He has grown so much already in just a few short months." -Mrs. Alisha Fisher

- Gauge Johnson


"Eva is always a role model for meeting expectations. She is honest and respectful. She uses her creativity when problem-solving and is laser focused when working. She is compassionate to others and is always a good friend." -Mrs. Mallory Hart

- Eva Russell


"Brantley is kind to others. He is quick to follow directions. He works hard and tries his best." -Mrs. Brenda Woods

- Brantley Poe


"Zoey is respectful to her teacher and classmates. She shows compassion and is always a friend to all. She goes out of her way to include everyone. She is also great at helping friends solve problems." -Mrs. Kaleigh Kizer

- Zoey Ryer


"Liam works really hard. A lot of things come naturally for him academically. When he does have trouble with a concept, he won't stop until he is satisfied with his answer. Most of the time, he gets it right." -Mrs. Valerie Hennings

- Liam Johnson


"Isaac shows compassion to everyone he meets. He is great at giving hugs! He is laser focused on his classwork, which earned him a spot on the Honor Roll list!." -Mrs. Jessica Phillips

- Isaac Bray


"Xander is very respectful when answering a question. He always uses his manners by using the words yes ma'am and no ma'am. He doesn't interrupt and always waits until I am finished talking to answer." -Mrs. Amanda Lemmings

- Xander Ryer


"Jazmine is a hardworking student that gives her best each day. She is a good friend to everyone and a helping hand to her teacher. She is laser focused in class and works hard to complete all tasks." -Mrs. Hailey Johnson

- Jazmine Puckett


"Joseph has been laser focused in science and social studies. He's made great effort to score well and try his very best. Joseph has also treated me with respect." -Mrs. Karissa White

- Joseph Davis


"Bryleigh is always respectful and has a smile on her face. She is compassionate to her peers and always willing to help them. I've had Bryleigh for two years, and she has never told anything that was untrue." -Mrs. Lydia Oswalt

- Bryleigh Fullerton


"Mason is respectful to everyone around him. I know I can count on him to be honest. He always gives 100% on his work." -Mrs. Mallorie Taylor

- Mason Wood


"Richard is always respectful to all of his teachers and adults in the building. He answers questions and responds with yes sir/no sir. He is also laser-focused on his work and gets things done!" -Coach Joey

- Richard Wilson


"Bella is an exceptional student. She diligently works and gives her best effort in class. She finishes her work promptly and on time. Bella is respectful, honest, creative, and laser focused. She is a great representation of our core values." -Mr. Myracle

- Bella Woodall


"Devin is always on task, ready to learn and super kind. He was one of the first to complete all his work on IXLs weeks before anyone else. I love having him in class." -Mrs. Stanford

- Devin Gardner