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History of Our School

History of Bargerton School

Bargerton School and the original village took their names from one of the early settlers and merchants, Ausburn Barger.

Bargerton School was established in 1921. The original school was three rooms heated by a wood stove and used coal oil lamps for lighting. In 1936 the school still consisted of three rooms but a generator had been installed and they now had electricity.

In 1958 county school consolidation began thus combining area students from Antioch, Mt. Gilead, Center Ridge, Bolen's Chapel and Union Cross with Bargerton. In later years students from the Park Meals school would also join Bargerton. Current enrollment is approximately 270 students.

Preserving the Past... Preparing the Future

Mission and Vision

The Mission of Bargerton Elementary School is to provide opportunities for all students to learn, achieve, and succeed.

BGS Vision:

Our Staff Believes:

  • All children can learn, achieve, and succeed.

  • In order for students to be successful, cooperation must exist among home, school, and community.

  • We provide every student the opportunity to acquire the fundamental skills education to meet their utmost potential.

  • We incorporate various teaching strategies and technologies to accommodate the learning styles of individual students.

  • Each student should be held responsible for his/her grades and behavior.

  • We provide a curriculum that will challenge students of differing talents.

  • Teachers must clearly communicate outlined in our handbook.


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