She works hard in class, and makes amazing grades but doesn't mind if she doesn't get huge recognitions for her hard work. I want her to know I see her and appreciate everything she is doing. Addyson is doing a great job in class and deserves recognition." -Brooke Britt

- Addyson Williams

Avery Todd

"Samantha is an overall great student! She is always pleasant and respectful, and her work is done on time and with excellence. " - Sarah Carrillo

- Samantha Walls

Luke Webb

"Chris is one of the hardest workers in the class. He also goes beyond what is expected. He is also very nice and cordial to me and the other students." -Mrs. Wallace

- Chris Burns


"Ari is a student that displays outstanding leadership and willingness to help peers, teachers, and participate in community fundraising events. She is responsible, kind, and an all around great student." Brooklyn Hudson

- Ari Schumaker