Boys Basketball

Jason Fitch- Head Coach

Ryne Bivens- Assistant Coach

Zach Fitzgerald- Assistant Coach

The boy's basketball team competes with teams around the state. In order for us to continue to compete at the highest level we need kids willing to be disciplined on and off the court and understand being a student athlete is very time consuming and difficult. We ask three things of our athletes: 1) Be here and be one time. This includes all practices, games and other activities related to the team. 2) Represent our program the right way. This includes conduct in games and practices as well as behavior and performance in the classroom and the community. 3) Give us all you have physically and mentally every day. Every day is a tryout. You control the team you are on and the amount of playing time you get by what you do every day in practice and how you represent our team.

Will there be more than one team?

There are 2-3 teams inside our program depending on the number of players we have.

Varsity Team- Any player that is good enough and meets the other requirements will be on this team regardless of grade.

JV Team- Will consist of all sophomores and freshmen regardless of whether they are on the varsity team or not.

Freshmen Team- Freshmen only. We will keep any freshmen we believe can potentially help our program. Depending on numbers, Freshmen and JV teams could be combined. *Regardless of which team you are on, every player will be re-evaluated each year and could be promoted, demoted or dismissed depending on that evaluation.

How and when do we sign up, tryout, or join?

Freshmen tryouts will be a day or two after school ends in May. There will be other tryouts periodically throughout the school year for everyone else. Typically one in the fall and one in the spring.

How much does it cost?

Each student athlete must participate in fundraisers to pay for bus trips, officials, uniforms, shoes, gear, summer camps, etc....At no time should parents have to dome out of their pocket for a player to play as long as their student athlete does their job during fundraising.