Nathan Reeves- Head Coach

Bowling is an amazing sport that is often overlooked. If you are interested in a sport where you create friendships all over the state, have an opportunity to compete, and possibly be offered a college scholarship to bowl at the next level, this is your sport. Last season, we had 10 All Region bowlers on the team and one signed with Cumberland University to continue her bowling career while getting her education. Novice or expert, we can help you achieve your goals so come give this incredible sport a try. LHS and Scotts Hill come together to form our team.

Activities: We practice a few times weekly, bowl a youth league on Saturday mornings, and compete in TSSAA bowling competition matches during the season. Bowling is a fall/winter sport so it runs August-January.

How and when do we sign up, tryout, or join?

Tryouts are to be determined but they will be announced along with a bowling camp. The camp is where you will practice daily for 1-2 weeks with additional coaching.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to you to bowl on the team but the league is $12 weekly. The league is vital to your growth because it is a competition and it gives us more practice in that environment. Come be a part of something special, I hope to see you soon.