Breakfast and Lunch

School cafeterias serve nutritious meals every school day. All elementary school students receive a universal free breakfast.  Students pay $2.25 for lunch. Eligible students will receive free or reduced priced meals at $.40 for lunch. 

The visitor meal price is $3.50, but $4.00 on holidays.

E-PBT payments will require a free or reduced eligibility for 2020-21 or 2022-23. Be sure to complete the Free/Reduced form that you will receive at the beginning of school and return to school as soon as possible.

All students will receive a free or reduced application at the beginning of the school year.  Applications may also be picked up in the office during the school year.

Cafeteria Rules

  1. Enter the cafeteria quietly.

  2. Be courteous at all times to staff and students

  3. Commercially bottled beverages are not allowed in the cafeteria.

  4. Commercially packaged food is not allowed in the cafeteria.

  5. Ask for assistance if you need help.

  6. Pick up everything you need as you pass thru the line.

  7. Eat quietly, and do not disturb others around you.

  8. Stay in your seat.

  9. Do not throw food or wrappers on the floor.  Leave the floor and table clean.

  10. Put paper in the garbage and the tray in the window.  Do not throw away the silverware.

  11. Follow the rules to leave the cafeteria.

  12. Follow the charge policy.  Twenty dollars is the limit for students and staff.

  13. Ala carte’s cannot be charged.

  14. Balance notices will be sent home weekly.

  15. Sign up for the on-line payment system at  You need the student’s birthday.