About Our School

Principal Renee Maynard

Assistant Principal Kelly Eliff

Our Mission, Vision & Beliefs

Our Mission

The mission of Westover Elementary School faculty and staff is to help students develop intellectual, physical, moral, ethical, and social values that will allow them to make positive contributions to our society.


Our Beliefs

The Westover School Faculty and Staff believe…

1. All children can learn, achieve, and succeed.

2. In order for students to be successful, cooperation must exist among home, school, and community.

3. Outside forces greatly affect students’ ability to learn.

4. We provide a safe environment which promotes learning and meets the needs of students and staff.

5. We provide every student the opportunity to acquire the fundamental skills to meet their utmost potential.

6. We incorporate various teaching strategies and technologies to accommodate the learning styles of individual students.

7. Each student should be held responsible for their grades and behavior.

8. We provide a curriculum that will challenge students of differing talents.

9. Teachers must clearly communicate expectations for student performance.

10. Our school’s policies are clearly outlined in our Westover School Handbook.

Education Information

  • Blueprint for Education

  • TN Ready Parent Letter