Each year, our counselor, Warren Powers, selects two eighth grade students who exhibit leadership potential to attend the FutureStar Youth Summit at the University of Tennessee at Martin. This year, Mr. Warren selected Trevis Taylor and Charles Eaves to attend. These young men had  a great time and learned about being a great leader. 

From UTM:

The FutureStar Youth Summit is for 8th graders from “any” middle school (public/private) in West Tennessee. We hope the experience at the Summit would plant a “seed” for these students attending that would help them understand the personal value of an education and would spark a desire in them to attend college.

We are looking for students who “need the extra push” to reach their potential. These are students who may not have been on a college campus before, those who need extra support from home and those who need the extra encouragement for success. We are able to offer this “free of charge” with the financial support of WestStar alumni from that county that the child resides in. Sponsorship is $50 per child. WestStar suggests that each middle school select no more than two (2) students to attend. This will encourage higher interaction among the students from different schools. This will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.